WR's residence

To upgrade and add value a brand new apartment with arctitudesign extraordinary design philosophy. To be environmental friendly, we suggest owner to remain the existing bathrooms and partitions as much as possible. Operable wall could provide extra privacy for the kids when needed, also provide the opportunity for kids interactive and increase the natural light to the corridor. Home-office mother could look at the kids through the curved glazing partition. 為一個全新的公寓升級和增值,具有arctitudesign非凡的設計理念。 為了保護環境,我們建議業主盡可能保留現有的浴室和間隔。 "開閉式間壁"可以在需要時為孩子們提供額外的隱私,也為孩子們提供互動的機會,及增加走廊的自然光線。 在家辦公的母親可以通過彎曲的玻璃間隔注視孩子們。
Mantin Heights (皓畋) @Homantin
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