AZ's residence

This flat located at North Point mid-levels with 180 degree Harbour view. Natural Turkey marble with well considered patterning as a media connect exterior environment to timber cladding hallway. Taking advantage of the VRV air conditioning system, all fixtures concealed in timber cladding ceiling. All service area concealed by timber cladding concealed panels, reinforce the linear circulation through the entrance, living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. 這間享有180度海港景色的公寓位於北角半山。 運用土耳其天然大理石以精心考慮的圖案作為室外環境與室內木材飾面板通道連接的媒介。 利用VRV空調系統優點所有裝置都隱藏在木質天花板上。 所有的功能區都隱藏在木材飾面板通道內,貫通入口,生活區,用餐區,廚房,衛生間和臥室加強線性循環。
Sky Horizon (海天峰) @North Point Mid-Levels
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