arctitudesign formed by a team of interior architects and designers who has received numerous award in Australia and Hong Kong with a unique focus on the holistic design.

“We work collaboratively, seeking to understand how you live, helping you discover your need and aesthetic vision, support you in making an informed decisions - and ultimately create spaces that are thoughtful, functional, and beautiful to fit your life.”


All ProjectsNo pomp, no trendy gimmicks, no dissonant elements attempting to make an unwise statements in the space.

As Australian culture background design practice, prefer ‘uncontrived’ styles - leisured, casual and authentic, rather than immaculate and formal design. We take our design cues from our lifestyle, climate, outlook on life and our surrounding environments.

In our practice, we eschew passing trends, recognizing that true value lies in "simplicity". We understand that simplicity does not imply an easy path, but rather the pursuit of well-designed creations built to endure. We cherish the artistry of craftsmanship and the ambiance it creates. Our spaces reject pomp, trendy gimmicks, and dissonant elements, opting instead for a balance that evokes serenity without sacrificing style. Keep life simple, and serenity will gracefully accompany you, for our aim is simple yet far from plain or boring.