arctitudesign formed by a team of interior architects and designers who has received numerous award in Australia and Hong Kong.

As Australian culture background interior design practice, prefer ‘uncontrived’ styles - leisured, casual and authentic, rather than immaculate and formal design. We take our design cues from our lifestyle, climate, outlook on life and our surrounding environments. This often translates into free flowing indoor/outdoor spaces flooded with natural light and quality yet casual furniture.

arctitudesign 由在澳洲和香港獲得多項獎項的室內建築師和室內設計師組成。

作為澳洲文化背景的室內設計工作室,更喜歡「不做作」的風格 - 休閒、隨興、真實,而不是追求完美無陷、公式的設計。我們的設計靈感來自於獨特的生活方式、注重氣候變遷、生活的整體態度和周圍環境。這通常演譯為充滿自然光和優質休閒家具的能自由流動室內/室外空間。


All ProjectsNo pomp, no trendy gimmicks, no dissonant elements attempting to make an unwise statements in the space.

At arctitudesign, we adopt a "holistic" approach to interior design, prioritizing individual well-being and encompassing people's thoughts, bodies, and spirits. Our aim is to create aesthetically pleasing environments that not only captivate visually but also serve as a comfortable, stress-free living. We firmly believe in the interconnectedness between the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of occupants' health, and our projects exemplify this philosophy.

"Our projects are examples of attitudes rather than designs."



| Simplicity |

In our practice, we eschew passing trends, recognizing that true value lies in "simplicity". We understand that simplicity does not imply an easy path, but rather the pursuit of well-designed creations built to endure. We cherish the artistry of craftsmanship and the ambiance it creates. Our spaces reject pomp, trendy gimmicks, and dissonant elements, opting instead for a balance that evokes serenity without sacrificing style. Keep life simple, and serenity will gracefully accompany you, for our aim is simple yet far from plain or boring.

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