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A delicate relationship between HK and UK The rapid development of science and technology has made it easier for people communicate with each other in the world, which allow us to help overseas clients design their living space more efficient. We have extensive design experience in Australia and Hong Kong, The experience of designing in United Kingdom has given us better understanding of the cultural background and living habits of different countries. 英國與香港的微妙關係 科技發展一日千里同時令世界互相交流更方便,使我們能夠在幫助在海外的客戶設計他們的新居。arctitudesign 在澳大利亞和香港擁有豐富的設計經驗,而今次在英國設計的經驗使我們對不同國家的文化背景和生活習慣有了更好的了解。
@St Georges Park (UK)
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