SD's residence

Based on the client's artistic style - Timber, Warm-White and Charcoal is the core colour scheme of this residential projects.The light fittings and furniture collected in Europe are fully compatible with the lifestyle of the households. Use the Spanish-style hand-painted tile floor at the entrance to create a buffer between the exterior and interior. The walls, door and concealed cabinets linked with well design could link the dining and living room together and extend the space in visual. Unique vertical timber screen could block the glare outside also control the vision of exterior landscape. Appropriate separation on sleeping areas and cloakrooms with vertical batten screens divide and increase the visual level. Sliding door panel separate children's rooms and work areas when needed. 以客戶的藝術風格為基礎 - 木材,暖白和木炭是這個住宅項目的核心色調。在歐洲搜羅的燈具及傢俬充分配合戶主的生活風格。在入口處用上西班牙風格的手繪瓷磚地,可以形成為外部和內部之間的緩衝區。將牆壁及隱藏櫃連成一線令客飯廳在視覺上作出空間的伸延。獨特的直立活動屏風除除可阻隔強光外亦可控制室外的景觀。條子屏風可將睡眠區及衣帽間作出適當的分隔及視覺上增加層次。當需要時活動門將小孩房間及工作區作出分隔作用。
Twin Peaks (嘉悅) @將軍澳南
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