MW's residence

Essentialism We wanted to do a renovation that based on how we would like to live in it combined with client's characters. We also wanted to accentuate and maximize the airiness and the natural light into the space. Light colour oak timber flooring makes the space feels larger than what it is. The combination of timber veneer and natural colour tone cabinetry create soft, clean and refined look. Natural white paint imbues warmth and reflects the various colours of the sky at different time of the day. 自然光丶互動的空氣、溫度丶濕度丶物料的特性等都是在arctitudesign空間建築學的重要原素。而在The Signature的項目中運用了「幾何曲線」作為科學與大自然的橋樑,以彎角連接直線引出空間的動態增強「生氣/人性化」。在私人區域使用天然木皮丶天然石灰石及防水水泥等物料和石屎森林作出對比。 每人平均約會有75%以上的時間在室內空間生活,我們非常視覺丶聽覺及觸覺的感受必需能令人們在生活空間感「平安」。平凡是福不僅需要,亦需靠自己努力經營的。
The Signature (春暉8號) @Tai Hang
2020 International Design Awards (IDA) - Bronze in Interior Design / Sustainable Living / Green 2020 Architizer A+Awards - Residential-Apartment Finalist
We are a holistic interior design studio specialising in bespoke residences that exemplify sustainable living. Our design process is built on foundations of refined simplicity, uncompromising detail, and architectural craftsmanship. Designing spaces not just how something looks like. Interiors need to support us in living comfortably and stress-free while interconnecting our visual, physical and emotional needs.
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