KC's residence

Although contemporary Japanese style that our customer requires for is not our strength, we take the excitement to do a lot of researches for Japanese culture, such as internal planning, materials, colors and details of the arrangements. We enjoyed this challenging project from design, communication with customer and construction process to ultimately get praises from our customer. 儘管客戶要求的當代日本風格不是我們的強項, 我們懷著興奮的心情做了很多日本文化研究,如內部規劃、用料、色彩和細節安排。從設計、客戶溝通與建造過程而最終得到客戶非常欣賞的讚揚。 我們很享受這個富挑戰性的項目。
Constellation Cove (滌濤山) @大埔
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