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| the harbourside | Clients came across our previous works in the media and found that our views on living environment and living attitude are similar to theirs and are unique in Hong Kong. The main reason is that we are design ethos based on Australian culture. In the process, we worked together with the clients to renovate the interior space of a residential building aged over 60. Taking the main view, the yachts, the harbour and the sky into our design, we worked to bring out the natural and calm atmosphere. A symphony of material textures, details on joinery, artwork and functional elements, a space with personality and serenity was born. 客人在媒體見過我們以往的作品,認為我們以澳洲文化為基礎所產生對生活環境和生活態度的看法和他們相近,而且在香港非常獨特。在過程中,我們和客人一起翻新了一座60多年的住宅建築的室內空間。 設計靈感來自從步入住宅便立即看到避風塘內的遊艇、維多利亞閃爍的海港和蔚藍色的天空,並保持自然和平靜的氣氛。 材料的紋理和木工的細節,輔以藝術品和功能元素,賦予空間個性,延續寧靜的感覺。
Highland Mansion (海倫大廈) @Causeway Bay
2023 Architizer A+Awards finalist
"This is a home that finds beauty and luxury in simplicity, a place at peace with both history and the here and now"
understated elegance, earthy colors and natural textures, the minimalist interior is warm and refined, with a serene quality.
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