BU's residence

Famous housing with front and back garden, Each family also has its own unique style. The three-person family loves our unique design concept is very similar to the environment which they had lived in Australia. Use the characteristics of building materials to increase the guidance of natural light,use the suitable European furniture and lamps to increase visual effects. Housing space arrangements ia different to apartment, have to be connect different floors activities activities zone with particular design. Provide private space for family members but also increase the opportunity for interaction. 著名的獨立屋連前後花園可塑性高,每個家庭也有其獨特的風格。今次的三人家庭喜愛我們一向獨特的設計理念很相似他們曾在澳洲生活的環境。利用建築物料的特色增加自然光的引導,從外地選擇合適的歐洲傢俬及燈具增加視覺效果。 多層獨立屋的空間安排有別予單層公寓,我們要在不同樓層的活動空間加以一定的聯系,家庭成員有著私人空間的同時也能增加互動的機會,不至於回家後每人關上房門未能關心家人。
Fairview Park (錦綉花園) @Yuen Long
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