FC's residence

no doubt FC's RESIDENCE is our signature project. We are really lucky the clients are clear-headed and communicate well as they already have some experience with residential design. Although the apartment is brand new building, we made minor adjustment of the spaces to fit the client needed after we understand their living habit. We design an unique light trough in this project , because we find out this apartment have unique charctice and fulfill client like to have a movie theater lighting effect. "Our brief was personalize but timeless, uncluttered but cosy, with laidback in the materials and colour,”
Ontolo (朗濤) @白石角
2022 OPAL Award - Winner in Interior Design / Apartments / Condominium 2022 OPAL Award - Winner in Interior Design / Sustainable / Green Living 2022 International Design Awards (IDA) - Silver in Interior Design / Sustainable Living / Green
"We think in general Australians prefer ‘uncontrived’ styles - leisured, casual and authentic, rather than immaculate and formal design."
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