CO's residence

It is a challenge matter for many urbanites to pursue a simple life. Our design aim to provide people a serenity and comfortable living environment. We have to make choices about many things around us. In fact, the less you have, the more you will get.This family have very few sundries which could get more spacious living space. In fact, this could be a environmental friendly issue. The less unnecessary debris will reduce the waste of manufacturing resources and over-manufacturing. 很多都市人都追求簡樸丶簡約的生活確實不是件簡單的事情,我們的設計重心是希望能給人們感受到寧靜及舒適的生活環境。 很多時我們要將身邊的事物作出取捨,當你擁有得越少可能你得到的會更加多。就如我們這次的戶主擁有的雜物很少所以能夠得到更加多的生活空間,其實這也是為環保作出一份力,越少没必要的雜物便會減少製造資源浪費及過度製造。
Palatial Coast (帝濤灣) @Siu Lam
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