arctitudesign is a team of Australian and Hong Kong interior architects and designers, who has received numerous international award with a unique focus on the holistic design..

We take our design cues from our lifestyle, climate, outlook on life and our surrounding environments.

We work collaboratively, seeking to understand how you live, helping you discover your need and aesthetic vision, support you in making an informed decisions - and ultimately create spaces that are thoughtful, functional, and beautiful to fit your life.

design ethos

Our ethos is based on the believes that our living space is meant to be a sanctuary where we can feel relax and be ourselves, a space where people always come back and return. Holistic design space not only focus on aesthetics. Instead, by understanding the needs of the occupants, culture of living/working, enhancing the flow with harmonious layouts, using natural and sustainable materials, consideration of long-life flexibility, incorporating elements of light, colour, aroma, sound and by connecting ourselves with the natural environment.

"keep life simple, and serenity will follow"



At arctitudesign, we firmly believe that the principles of "environmentally friendly" and "adaptive reuse design" should be integral to the design industry. Our foremost priority is minimizing our environmental impact through a thoughtful design approach. By leveraging digital tools, we reduce paper consumption and facilitate efficient information sharing. Despite potential design sacrifices, we prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of respecting our raw natural resources and maximizing the potential of existing elements. Through the incorporation of exposed raw materials, we reduce overall embodied energy. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability drives our conscious design process, ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

"People should respect our raw nature materials; good use of the existing elements."

our team

arctitudesign is a Hong Kong-based design practice, comprises interior architects and designers, formed by Alexander Suen with an Australian background.

People are at the heart of everything we design, so it makes sense that we value our people and foster an open and collaborative culture. Working in dynamic teams, we inspire and challenge each other, always pushing for an outcome that is not just great, it's intelligent, beautiful, innovative and everything the client dreamed it would be.


The recognition we receive from our clients is the ultimate proof that our people, systems, tools and services are working to deliver some of the best projects with international professional standard. arctitudesign has not only achieved award in HONG KONG but INTERNATIONAL, while our Founder -Alexander Suen work with the BVN Architecture (one of the Australia's largest architectural practices) frequently engaging international and Australia's awarded projects in various scales and disciplines.

  • 2023 International Design Awards (IDA) - Interior Designer of The Year (Residential) Hoborable Mention
  • 2023 Architizer A+Awards - Residential Interior (<3000sq ft) Finalist
  • 2022 OPAL Award - Winner in Interior Design / Apartments / Condominium
  • 2022 OPAL Award - Winner in Interior Design / Sustainable / Green Living
  • 2022 International Design Awards (IDA) - Silver in Interior Design / Sustainable Living / Green
  • 2020 8th ib Awards - Design Excellence & Remarkable Brand Awards
  • 2020 Home Journal Best Designer Awards 2020 - Excellence in Holistic Interior Design
  • 2020 International Design Awards (IDA) - Bronze in Interior Design / Sustainable Living / Green
  • 2020 Architizer A+Awards - Residential-Apartment Finalist
  • 2019 International Design Awards (IDA) - Interior Design Hoborable Mention
  • 2018 China Interior Design 40Under40 (Hong Kong) 2018-2019 - Winner
  • 2017 International Design Awards (IDA) - Interior Design Honorable Mention
  • 2013 HKDA Global Design Awards - Residential Cateegory Merit Award

Alexander Suen with BVN architecture in Australia

  • 2014 RAIA NSW Interior Architecture Award
  • 2012 The European Centre for Architecture/Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award
  • 2011 IDA NSW Best of State Award
  • 2011 RAIA NSW John Verge Award for Interior Architecture
  • 2011 International Health Design Award High Commendation
  • 2011 RAIA National Commendation for Public Architecture
  • 2011 RAIA NSW Sulman Award for Public Architecture
  • 2011 RIBA International Award for Architectural Excellence
  • 2010 World Architecture Festival - World Health Building
  • 2010 RAIA NSW Interior Architecture Award