CB's residence

| Parent-Child | In every family, parents have a wish to create a happy and joyful life for their children. We deeply understand that young children spend most of their time at home, and the growth environment has a profound impact on every member of the family. Our design takes into account various aspects of family life, especially the parent-child relationship. We understand that easily accessible storage, anti-stain and anti-bacterial materials, easy-to-clean environments, and home safety are all important factors for children to grow up healthily at home. Our design is not only to cater to the living habits of the family, but also to improve their quality of life, allowing them to enjoy a better life. We hope to share our mission and values with more people. We believe that every family should have a home filled with love and warmth, allowing children to thrive and grow in it. |親子| 在每個家庭中,父母都懷著一顆為孩子打造幸福快樂生活的心願。我們深深明白,幼兒們大部分的時間都在家中度過,而成長環境對於家庭的每一位成員都有著深遠的影響。 我們的設計中考慮到了家庭生活的各個方面,尤其是親子關係。我們瞭解到,隨手可得的物品收納、抗污抗菌的材料、易於清潔的環境以及家居安全等因素,都是讓孩子們在家中健康成長的重要考慮因素。我們的設計不僅僅是為了迎合家庭的生活習慣,更是為了提升他們的生活質素,讓他們能夠享受更美好的生活。 希望與更多人分享我們的使命和價值觀。我們相信,每個家庭都應該擁有一個充滿愛和溫暖的居所,讓孩子們在其中茁壯成長。
The Parkside @Tsueng Kwan O
Go for natural materials, embrace natural light and apt lighting. Optimize sustainable resources while ensuring a harmonious blend of natural and artificial illumination. 追求自然材料,擁抱自然光線及適切的照明。在確保自然與人工照明和諧融合的同時,優化可再生資源利用。
We not into trendy things. But for us, the value is in "simplicity", in something that is well design and made could lasts for years. 我們不喜歡追求時尚潮流的東西。對我們來說,價值在於“簡單”,在於精心設計和製造的東西可以持續多年。
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