EC's residence

The name of Belcher's, is the same as the nearby Belcher's Street and Belcher's Bay. It is named after the British Navy officer Edward Belcher. Since the housing estate is higher than most of the buildings in the north, its landscape is more open and you can see the view of Victoria Harbour. The irregular shape of the living room is this architectural character of this apartment, carefully apply specific materials and layers to balance the space. The use of suitable materials and different rounding methods can help the light to refract deeper into the space, reduce the sense of shock by right corner, enhance humanization, and make people feel relaxed in the space. Appropriate design can help people to be healthy physically and mentally. 寶翠園的英文名The Belcher's和附近的卑路乍街和卑路乍灣等一樣,都是取名自英國海軍愛德華·卑路乍軍官。由於屋苑高於北面大部分建築物,因此其景觀較開揚,能看到維多利亞港景色。 不規則形狀的客廳是這公寓的建築特色,仔細地應用特定的材料和層次來平衡空間。使用合適的材料和不同圓潤修飾方法可幫助光線折射到更深入的空間,可減低衝激感,增強人性化,令置身於空間的放鬆心情合適的設計能幫助人們身心健康。
寶翠園 @Mid-Levels West
The kitchen has been opened up and shares the space with the entrance, sandstone sit bench added with angled detailing, which mimics the shape of architecture. The kitchen and living area have been rethought to allow more free movement and light. 廚房打開並與入口共享空間,砂岩坐凳添加了傾斜的細節,跟隨了建築物形狀。 廚房和起居區經過重新設計,以提供更多的自由活動和光線。 我們和客人也有着對廚櫃質素有較高的要求所以選用了同樣追求高質素的意大利高級廚櫃公司Modulnova ,是次選用的 Frame 系列- 廚櫃門板揉合了現代及新古典元素的設計, 充分詮釋了Modulnova 對線條及細節的高度關注及追求, 配合紋理較深的實木飾面及其創新的門板結構, 平衡其多功能性, 同時提升整體美感及現代感. Modulnova Frame 系列的多功能性,讓戶主可以更享受下廚的樂趣。
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