GU's residence

newly-married couple selected The Aurora as their first home/ property. We suggest to keep original kitchen and bathroom as is with minimal touch up or decorate. applied heavy duty bifold pocket door hardware by Hafele to conceal kid room door and Hifi cabinets with rich Ash timber veneer finished to enhance warmness and reflect natural light to dining area. 新婚夫婦選擇 The Aurora 作為他們的第一個家。 我們建議保留原有的廚房和浴室,盡量減少修飾或裝飾。 使用 Hafele 的收納式趟摺門來隱藏兒童房門和 Hifi 櫃,並採用豐富的白蠟木皮飾面處理,以增強溫暖感並將自然光反射到用餐區。
The Aurora @Tsuen Wan West
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