CM's liquor

CM's liquor @中環街市 Designed as a space of pause in the hustle and bustle city, We undertook the interior design of Central Market, the liquor store embraces natural and sustainable approach to design and materiality. The process of making fine wine start from the vineyard. Inspired by the line-by-line grapevines in vineyard, a timber curvy slats structural installation is designed to embellish the ceiling. The curves emulate the form of traditional wine cellars in the Moravian region. 作為喧囂城市中的一個暫停空間,我們承接了中央市場的室內設計,酒類商店採用自然和可持續的設計和材料方法。 釀造優質葡萄酒的過程從葡萄園開始。 受葡萄園中一排排葡萄藤的啟發,設計了一個彎曲的木板條結構裝置來裝飾天花板。 曲線模仿了摩拉維亞地區傳統酒窖的形式。
Central Market @Central
In order to use the advantage of large window in the venue, the furniture are designed in low units, with transparent elements, comprising rattan and vertical timber slats, serving the purpose of bringing light deeper within the interior. The terrazzo furniture echo with the signature terrazzo stairs of Central Market, which is made with recycled wine glass bottle. The store greets the visitor with an island; making it a great spot to grab some friends and enjoy a wine tasting. 為了利用場地大窗戶的優勢,家具設計成低矮的單元,帶有透明元素,包括藤條和垂直木板條,目的是讓光線進入室內更深處。 水磨石家具與中央市場標誌性的水磨石樓梯相呼應。 商店用一座小島迎接來訪者; 使其成為結交朋友並享受品酒的好地方。
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