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| Cruise | People might have to renovate the whole flat for buying second-hand apartment. Due to the careful of the former owner, our client and us believe that the kitchen and bathroom could be used with minor touch up. Although they may not be fully work together with our design, but we could minimize in the impact of environmental pollution. We take advantage of this innate advantage to extend the natural light to every corner as much as possible and reduce the use of electric lights during daytime. The corner treatment on the top of the entrance is like driving the movement and contrasts with the neat lines of the interior architecture to highlight the "capacity" of the entrance. 很多人購入二手住宅時都因不同原因而雖要全屋改造。今次在柏倣灣的項目因前業主的悉心打理我們和客人都認為廚房及浴室只需要簡單的翻新便可繼續使用,雖然和整體未必完全配合但不論金錢或物質上都體現到盡量減低環境污染的可行性。 空間擁有充足的自然光-我們加以利用這先天優點令自然光盡量伸延到每一角落,減少日照時使用電燈。 在入口頂部配上彎角處理猶如含畜地帶動起樂章與室內建築工整的線條作出對比突顯入口的「容量」。
The Pavilia Bay (柏傲灣) @Tsuen Wan West
cruise The core principles of interior design include balance, proportion, symmetry, and rhythm. Executing each one successfully brings harmony to a space and can help to improve an interior’s emotional quality.
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