WN's residence

If the size of original living space cannot meet the needs of the family, we could adjust the partition planning to fulfill practical need. In visualize we will apply suitable design and material finishes to get the cozy and open effect. Thoughtful interior architect Alexander.S and his team apply their interior architecture design technique but not decoration, always consider on space proportion, texture touching, color scheme, details finishes to "add value" on all projects, but not limited on financial aspect also on environment friendly, energy saving, child safety, mental and physical health etc. 如果原有生活空間的大小不能滿足家庭的需要,我們可以調整分區規劃來滿足實際需要。 在可視化中,我們將採用合適的設計和材質表面,以獲得舒適和開揚的效果。 心思細密的室內建築師Alexander.S及其團隊採用室內建築設計技術而不是室內裝飾。總是考慮到空間比例,質感,配色,細節也能夠為所有項目“增值”,不僅限於金錢方面,而是環保,節能,兒童安全,身心健康等。
Chi Fu Fa Yuen (置富花園) @薄扶林
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